List of Top 10 Group of Companies in Bangladesh 2024
Top Group of Companies in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most populated country in the world. The economy of this county is growing rapidly in recent years. In past recent years, World Bank Says that Bangladesh has become a middle income country which growing too fast. In the year of 2019-2020 Financial year, the per capital income hits record growth of Bangladesh. This year the GDP growth achieved 8.1% which is highest ever and for the past two decades, the economic growth increased by 7% annually. Now, there are many big group of companies in Bangladesh that have very diverse and wide range of manufacturing, service oriented and distributing oriented role in the competitive market place which is also helping the growing economy with a direct impact. These large group of companies have numerous amount of sector with their sister concern company to have services and products

  1. PRAN-RFL Group

PRAN is known as one of the biggest companies in Bangladesh. PRAN-RFL Group is basically food-products Corporation in Bangladesh. PRAN company has more than 80 direct employees and over 200 thousand indirect employees. The company was founded in 1981 by Amjad Khan Chowdhury, who was former Major General at that time. In recent years the company has successfully exported their products over 138 countries.

On the contrast, RFL known as “Rangpur Foundry Limited” started their journey in 1980 with cast iron. In recent times, this is the market leader of Cast Iron, Plastic and PVC items. Its first shipment exported to other country was worth of 3 million USD and its constantly increasing its product line these days.

Recently, in 2018 PRAN’s exports had reached over $300 million. The biggest importer country of PRAN-RFL company are I Saudi Arabia, India, Malaysia, UAE, Oman and so on. Their product line includes with Generator and Lift, Culinary, Confectionary, Bakery & Biscuits, Dairy, Juice, Rice, Snacks, Textile, Spice, Toiletries, Stationary, Furniture, Electronics, Bike, Poly Bag, Hanger, Water Tank, PVC and so much more.

  1. ACI Group

ACI Company was founded in the year of 1968 by Mr. M Anis Dawla. “Advanced Chemical Industries” also known as the short form of ACI which is another large and leading group of companies in Bangladesh. ACI does their business in three segments: which are Pharmaceuticals, Agribusiness and Consumer Brands. The company has over 9 thousand employees around the country and they have marketed around 5 thousand products in ten countries across three Continents.

The sister concern of ACI’s are: ACI Fertilizer, ACI Consumer Brands, ACI Agrochemicals, ACI Formulation Ltd, ACI Salt Limited, ACI Pure Flour Limited, ACI Foods Limited, Apex Leather-crafts Limited, Creative Communication Limited, Premiaflex Plastics Limited, ACI Motors Limited (Yamaha), ACI Logistic Limited (Shwapno), ACI Consultants, ACI Healthcare Limited, ACI Pharmaceuticals, ACI consultants, ACI Electronics and so on.

  1. Navana Group

NAVANA Group was founded by Mr. Jahurul Islam in 1965. At that time, NAVANA was the largest business group in Bangladesh. The company is now doing business in 15 types of industries including security, renewable energy and protection. The company has also over 5500 employees all over the country with 27 different business unit.

15 types of industries are: Renewable Energy, Industrial Equipment, Automobile, Battery, Real Estate Construction, Electronics and Electrical, Food, Furniture, Petroleum Products, Medical Equipment, Oil and Gas, Plastic, International Freight Forwarding, Security and protection.

  1. Abul Khair Group

Abul Khair Group is another largest Bangladeshi industrial group of companies. The company started its journey as a tobacco marketing company back in 1953. With headquarter based in the commercial capital Chittagong, the group has now flourished into a multi-business portfolio of fast moving consumer goods, cement, steel, marble, ceramics, shipping and trading business. The company has also Juice, Beverage, Branded Tea, Snacks, Ready Mix Concrete, Cigarettes and Tobacco and Matches and so on. The company has over 38,000 employees all over the country with various business unit.

  1. Bashundhara Group

Bashundhara is one of the biggest group of companies of Bangladesh. The compnay was founded by Ahmed Akbar Sobhan in 1987. It started as a real estate company venture under the name East West Property Development Limited (EWPD) and the first project of EWPD turned out to be very successful. After then, the company grew very quickly. Bashundhara invested in new fields, including industry, manufacturing, and trading. More enterprises were established in the early 1990s; these included paper, tissue paper cement, pulp, and steel production, as well as LP Gas bottling and distribution. It presently owns more than 20 major concerns located throughout Bangladesh.  Now, it has over 15,000 employees.

The major concerns of the company are: East-West Property Development, East-West Media Group, Bashundhara Cement Industries Limited, Social Islami Bank Limited, Rangpur Riders, Bashundhara Kings, Meghna Cement Mills Ltd and Bashundara City – the 2nd largest shopping mall in Bangladesh.

  1. BEXIMCO Group

BEXIMCO Group is one of the most diversified and largest group of companies of Bangladesh. The company was founded in 1972 by ASF Rahman. In addition, the company has over 60,000 employees all over the country. Since 1972, BEXIMCO is boldly representing Bangladesh to the world through pharmaceuticals, modern textile, information technology and ceramics.

Concerns of BEXIMCO are – Beximco Jute Division, Beximco Pharma, The Beximco Group, Beximco Synthetics Ltd, Bangladesh Export Import Co. Ltd. – Appareal and Textile Division, Beximco Petroleum Ltd, Shinepikur Ceramics, Beximco Engineering Ltd, Beximco Power Company, IFIC Bank, Yellow, the independent Television, The Independent, Real VU, Real Estate Division, Dhaka Dynamites, Westine Hotel, Bextrade Limited, Beximco Security and so on.

  1. Square Group

In 1958, the Square Group was founded by Samson H. Chowdhury along with his three other friends as a private farm. The company went public in 1991 and running wild currently in Dhaka Stock Exchange. Square group is holding a strong position at the top in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh. The company has 28000 people working in different business units of Square Group.

The Square group expand its business in various section, such as health products, consumer products, textile, toiletries, agro vet products, information technology, hospital, food products and so on.

  1. City Group

City Group started their business as a mustard oil company venture under the name City Oil Mills in 1972. City Group was founded by Mr. Fazlur Rahman, a business magnate in the private sector of Bangladesh. The first project of City Oil Mills turned out to be very successful. After then, the company grew very quickly. It has 40 major concern in Bangladesh. It was awarded Worlds Prestigious UK based Super Brand Award 2009.

Major business concerns of City Group are: City oil Mills, City Vegetable Oil Mills Ltd, City Re-rolling Mills, City Fibers Ltd, Hasan Flour Mills Ltd, Hasan Plastic Industries Ltd, Hasan Containers Ltd, Hasan Plastic Industries Ltd, City Navigations Ltd, Hasan printing & Packaging Ltd, Farzana Oil Refineries Ltd, Deepa Food Products Ltd, VOTT Oil Refineries Ltd, City Feed Products Ltd, City Salt Industries, City Sugar Industries Ltd, City Dal Mills Ltd, City Seed Crushing Industries Ltd, C.S.I Power & Energy Ltd, Hamida Plastic Industries Ltd, City Bran Oil Ltd, Hasan Security Ltd, Rahman Synthetics Ltd, Shampa Flour Mills Ltd, Dhaka Insurance Ltd, Asgar Ali Hospital Ltd, Somoy Media  Ltd, New Sagurnal Tea Co. Ltd, Moulovibazar, Nahar Tea Estate, Chandpur Belgaon Tea Estate.

  1. Partex Group

It is one of the largest Bangladeshi industrial conglomerates. PARTEX Group Started their business in 1959 with tobacco trading in Bangladesh. The company was founded by industrialist MA Hashem. The group of companies run their business with various brands in real estate, steel, food and beverages, furniture, agribusiness, plastics, and so more.

PARTEX has around 40 concern, which are Partex Cables Limited, Partex Furniture, Partex Builders Limited, Star Particle Board Mills Limited, Star Gypsum Board Mills Limited, Partex PVC, Partex Agro Limited, Housing Limited, Danish Condensed Milk Ltd, Danish Milk, Danish Foods.

  1. Akij Group

Akij group is another one of the biggest local company and one of the highest taxpayer in Bangladesh and they pay 2% of nation’s entire budget. The company was established in 1940 by industrialist Sheikh Akijuddin. The company used to do Jute Trading Business before expanding into other business.

The sister concerns of Akij Group are: Akij Plastic Limited, Abrar Tour and Travels, Akij Cables limited, Akij Automotive Industry, Akij Food and Beverage, Akij Gas Company Ltd, Akij Jute Mills Ltd, Akij Tobacco Industries, Akij Match Factory, Akij Ceramics, Akij Motors, Akij Foundation School and College, Akij Pharmaceuticals, Akij Hotel and Resorts, Akij Institute of Technology, S.A.F Industreis Ltd, Akij Rice Mill Industry, Akij Printing and Packaging Ltd, Akij Securities Ltd, Akij BAKERS Limited, Akij BIAX Films Limited and so on.


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