7 Most Popular Beverage companies in Bangladesh 2024
Top Beverage Companies in Bangladesh

In the following article, presenting you the major beverage companies in Bangladesh operating business with name and fame. Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, Akij Food & Beverage Ltd, Pran Food & Beverage Ltd, Partex Beverage, and Golbe Beverage are the leading Beverage companies with so many brands. Most companies export their products to different countries of the world. Many smaller companies produce and distribute local and regional brands of beverages.

Coca-Cola Bangladesh Beverages Ltd.

Coca-Cola is a popular soft drink brand in Bangladesh, with a long-standing presence in the country since the 1960s. The local bottling partner of Coca-Cola, the Abdul Monem Group, produces and distributes a range of Coca-Cola products in the country, including Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Kinley and others. The brand is widely available across the country, from small convenience stores to supermarkets and restaurants. Coca-Cola has also undertaken various social responsibility initiatives in Bangladesh, such as promoting education, empowering women, and supporting disaster relief efforts.


PepsiCo began business in Bangladesh in 1976 and has since established a strong presence in the country’s food and beverage industry. PepsiCo’s product portfolio in Bangladesh includes popular brands such as Pepsi, 7UP, Mirinda, Mountain Dew, Sting, Aquafina, and Lay’s. Transcom Beverage Ltd (TBL) is the exclusive PepsiCo Franchisee for Bangladesh. PepsiCo’s operations in Bangladesh include a manufacturing plant in Gazipur, which produces beverages and snacks. The company also has a distribution network across the country, which allows its products to be widely available in retail stores, supermarkets, and other outlets. In addition to its business operations, PepsiCo has also been actively involved in social and community development programs in Bangladesh.

Akij Food and Beverage Ltd. (AFBL)

Mojo, Clamon, Lemo, Speed energy drinks etc are the most popular products of Akij Food and Beverage company. AFBL is one of the leading companies in Bangladesh that started business in 2006 and has a good presence globally. ABFL exports its products to more than 26 countries. This company also manufactures Frutika, Spa, Farm Fresh UHT Milk, Wild Brew and other drinks, Including ISO, BSTI, HACCP and HALAL proving Akij’s quality products. This brand has won several national and international awards.

Pran Food & Beverage

Since 1981 Pran is the largest food and beverage company in Bangladesh and grabbed the market quickly by launching numerous products. Parn Up is a best seller of beverage items of this company.  Including  Maxx Cola, Tango, Cheer Up, Drinko, Oscar, Braver, Frooto, and Pran Drinking Water Pran has so many juices, soft and energy drinks. PRAN products are popular all over the country and some of them are also exported. A report was published that 45% of products of a departmental store and 30% of our daily consumed products from Pran Food, but currently Pran beverage product’s consumers are raising.

Pertex Beverage Ltd. (PBL)

Partex Beverage is another oldest companies in Bangladesh that was established in 1997. RC Cola, RC Q Lemon, and RC Q Orange, Jeera Pani, Upper 10 are the leading products of PBL. Though it introduced drinks in traditional glass bottles, soon shifted to PET bottles. Partex launches MUM drinking water in 2001 and currently, it is the hot product of the company. MUM is one of the trusted drinking water in Bangladesh. More than 10 million outlets are scattered in rural and urban areas of the country. Already Partex has begun to export products abroad. MUM has captured a big portion of the drinking water market in Bangladesh.

Globe Soft Drink Ltd.

In 2002 Globe launched Uro in different flavors such as cola, lemon, and orange received huge responses in the market. Uro was the first beverage brand from Globe Soft Drink Ltd. After success in Uro the company introduce a new soda drink, Fizz Up, and mineral water, Alma, which also became very popular. Globe’s energy drink Royal Tiger rapidly became a popular energy drink among young for its different taste and tonic flavor. Black Horse is another famous energy drink from Globe.

Although Globe pharmaceuticals Ltd has been conducting business for a long in Bangladesh, in the beverage market the company successfully ensures its position.

Fresh Food and Beverage Ltd.

Fresh Up, Fresh Cola, Fresh Majanda, Gear Up, and Fresh Drinking Water are the popular beverage brands of Fresh food and Beverage Ltd. The company was established in the year 2004 to provide high-quality and refreshing beverages to consumers across the country. The company also produces a wide range of products including carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices, energy drinks, and bottled water.

Conclusion: To sum up, people have changed their consumption attitude in the last decades. Soft drinks become the secondary drink after mineral water, and beverage companies in a competition to produce various flavors. Cola, lemon, orange, soda, and others. Different flavors of juice such as orange, mango, etc are largely consumed every year. Bangladeshi beverage companies have grabbed the local and international markets. As a dealer of beverage companies, you can make money in a short time.


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