15+ Small Investment Business Ideas In Bangladesh

Starting a business with a small investment can be challenging, but it is definitely possible. With the right approach, you can turn your ideas into a successful business without any bank loan. Bangladesh is a country with an increasing population where various probabilities for and entrepreneurs. If you are interested in business and able to invest a little money then this article will meet your requirements.

Here are some tips and ideas on starting a business with little investment.

Business with little investment requires patience, persistence, and creativity. You can turn your business idea into a successful venture with the right mindset and approach.

1. Become An Authorized Dealer/Franchise

Dealership business is the most traditional and almost risk free business in the market. But you have to find a reliable, highly profitable and demandable product. Dealership is basically a wholesale business and most the companies will provide your sales representative and they will fill up their target.

To get a reputed franchise is just another great option for hassle free business. Franchise business has lower failure rate than own business as well.

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2. Garments Business

Garments business is a profitable business because most people like handmade or customize designed dresses. You can operate this business at your home.

Having proper skills in making unique and fashionable costumes is mandatory. You can learn from any experienced tailor or institute. On the other hand, you can learn from YouTube or websites for depth skills. There are different outfits for men, women and kids. You must select one category and be a master at your selected one. Here you can profit more because if you randomly work with all then none won’t be satisfied with you. You must aware about taste of your customers.Most customers want fashionable and best outfits at a reasonable price so you have to provide quality dresses at a marginal price then customers will be interested to make dresses from you. People like to wear trendy dresses so you have to ensure it. To expand your business in wide-scale marketing is obvious. You can marketing through social media like facebook, Instagram YouTube etc at free but if you pay for marketing it will reach more customers at a time. You can also provide home delivery service by own staff or courier services.

3. Mobile Recharge and Mobile Banking Business

Nowadays mobile recharge business is increasing both in villages and towns. If you have little money for business then it would be the best option for you, mobile banking is the easiest way to money transfer so you can provide mobile banking service from the same shop. Besides these services you can also sell some varieties of useful items, but is your shop is situated at a crowded place then you can earn more money.

4. Coffee Shop

Coffee is a popular drink in our country, more than 60 to 80 percent of people like coffee. A growing number of people developing taste for it. Though tea still holds a special place among the people of Bangladesh, coffee is slowly gained its position among urban dwellers. A coffee shop of Dhaka is always crowded. With some equipment such as coffee machines, milk, coffee powder, and others you can start a coffee shop in an urban area. Select a place for your coffee shop that dwellers frequently visit a coffee shop. If you able to serve authentic coffee then you will succeed in a short time.

5. Flower Shop

In every occasion like weddings, birthdays, valentine’s day, receptions, inauguration ceremonies, national days, farewell ceremonies and even in funeral flowers are essential but flower shop is hardly seen in every area. You can open a flower shop with little investment, flowers business is a profitable business as it is increasing in demand day by day. You have to collect good quality flowers from farmers and preserve them properly. After having good response in the market you may cultivate flowers.

6. Travel Agency

People are so much enthusiastic in traveling, especially in vacations people want to travel to where else. On this ground, this business has developed and travel agency is a demanding business. Investment for travel agency depends on your business area, as we are talking on small investment business then your can start it smally. Travel agencies typically earn their revenue fot the services they provide. They may also earn commission from travel suppliers such as bus, trains airlines or hotels for bookings made through their agency. A travel agency can operate online and offline.

7. Catering Service or Homemade Food Business

A catering service business involves providing food and beverage services for events, parties, meetings, and other occasions. Here are some key aspects to consider if you’re thinking of starting a catering service business. Catering service business can be challenging, but with careful planning and hard work, it can be a rewarding and profitable venture. You can also sell homemade vai food delivery services like Foodpanda, Pathao food etc. It is important to also prioritize food safety and cleanliness to ensure the customers are getting quality and hygienic food.

8. Event Management Business

Event management helps to organize various types of events such as weddings, conferences, corporate events, and social gatherings. Having all the necessary licenses and permits from the local government and a minimum investment you can start this business. Event management provides various services such as caterers, decorators, photographers, and entertainment providers so you must keep a good relationship with a third-party vendor who will provide you required goods. Develop a marketing strategy that targets your desired audience through social media, and highlight your previous work and client testimonials to establish credibility. event management business requires creativity, strong communication skills, and attention. You must ensure your clients and their guests are having a memorable experience with you.

9. Online Shop

Online shopping is an easy and convenient way to purchase goods and services from home. It has become more popular in recent years. By creating a facebook page or group you can sell a varieties products such as handbags, t-shirts, three pieces, sarees, pure honey, seasonal fruits and others. You can also sell your products via facebook live, in facebook marketplace you can post sell post of your products or you can pay for marketing which will be more effective. With little investment you can start this business but you have to ensure safe delivery, quality products, return and refund policy.

10. Blogging

Blogging can be a profitable business if done the right way, it takes time and effort to build a successful blogging career. At first, you have to select a topic on which you will make content and choose a platform to host your blog and perches domain name and hosting. Create some unique content and with proper SEO prompt it on social media. By having monetization you will get advertisements that are actually the source of earnings.

11. Fresh Vegetable Business

Fresh vegetable business in both villages and towns can be rewarding and profitable. There has been an increasing demand for organic vegetables which are grown without use of synthetic fertilizers and pesticides thus has created new opportunities for vegetable businesses in both villages and towns. If you can provide fresh vegetables to residential areas then you will profit. On the other hand, you can commercially cultivate vegetables as your demand or you have to collect vegetables from reliable farmers. According to your customer demand, you have to provide seasonal vegetables. Winter is best season for this business. You can start this business with little investment you won’t be lost.

12. Street Food 

Street food is a very popular food culture in Bangladesh, most popular street foods are fushka also known as pani puri, chotpoti, jhal muri, fruit-salad, bakery items, etc. Typically street food businesses run by small entrepreneurs who set their stalls on the roadside, in park, schools, college or university gates, and other crowded places. Though it is a small business but a great source of earnings. Someone can start street food business in a small food cart so that it can be shifted to a crowded place.

13. T-shirt Printing

In recent years, t-shirt printing business in Bangladesh has become a popular industry because everyone wants to have their own customize designed t-shirts. Sports, tours, teamwork, events, picnics, and other socials and corporate activities customize designed t-shirts acts as branding of their own. One of the main advantages of starting a t-shirt printing business in Bangladesh is the availability of raw materials at a lower cost. A large quantity of cotton, which is a primary material for t-shirt production are available in our country. You will succeed in this business if business planning and marketing are properly done.

14. Re-sell Business

Reselling is a popular business model in Bangladesh, growing popularity of online marketplaces has made it easier for resellers to reach a wider audience. Bikroy.com, Recycle bin, Facebook marketplace are the best platforms for collecting products and you can sell products there again or you can sell your products from your offline shop. You can sell used  Motorcycles, laptops, computers, smartphones and home appliances like television, refrigerator, washing machines, and other with much profit.

15. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the most profitable business ideas where you can earn money without any investments. It is performance-based marketing, by marketing other’s products on your social media you can earn a commission if it is sold by your attempt. Here the merchant provides all the promotional materials such as banner ads, links, and product information you have to prompt these in your way. Amazon, Alibaba, Shopz.com, and Daraz etc are some prominent e-commerce in Bangladesh. Having a basic computer and internet browsing knowledge you can start affiliate marketing.

16. Hatchery Farm

Poultry farm is an age-old business in Bangladesh, poultry industry meets the protein demand of our large population. Poultry farms are grown here and there, and it needs good investment and effort but you can provide chicken to the poultry farm which is comparatively affordable. Hatching of eggs into chicks or other poultry is hassle-free because it operates using advanced technologies and specialized equipment to create optimal conditions for the incubation of eggs. As it is an essential component for poultry farms so you can earn money from it.

Conclusion: To sum up, starting a business is challenging and exciting but with proper marketing, research, and dedication it would be a profitable venture. We have presented you with so many business ideas that can be run in small investments. Now choose a business idea that would be convenient to you and turn it into reality.

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