How to Start Dealership Business in Bangladesh
How to start dealership business in Bangladesh

A dealership business is a profitable business where all the liabilities including advertising of the product or service, transportation, and subsidy for damage or expiration bear the company. Multiple companies publish circulars in newspapers and online, maybe most of us do not relay or understand how to start a dealership business. In the dealership business, you can profit easily rather than being bankrupt.

Before we going to discuss the overall process of dealership business we let you know what dealership business actually is.

What is dealership business?

Being a franchise of a particular company that works in a specific area is known as dealership business, it is said that the franchise is bound to fulfill the company’s requirements. All the products or services of the company, are sold, distributed or provided by the franchises in a certain region. A franchise works as a retailer of the company in local aspect, franchises have to communicate with the local consumer whereas the company sometimes provides manpower, vehicles, and others that are directly or indirectly conducted by the franchises or agent. Before jumping into the business you must have the proper marketing plan, market analyzing ability and choose the right decision. Lager quantity of sales ensures your huge profit because profit depends on sales. According to the contract, if you become a dealer of the company for a specific area then all products and facilities of the company are provided via you to the customers of that area, so there is a probability to make a profit. Winter is considered the season to make more profit in dealership business because during winter products can be stored for a long.

Capital of dealership business.

Investment in dealership business in slightly different than others, you can invest money in two ways.

  • Security money investment:

All companies require security money for dealership, you have to deposit money as security that will be refunded after expire the deed. The amount of money depends on the brand value of the company and its proportion of the business area. It may be twenty thousand to fifty lach and more.

  • Product cost investment:

In this process, you must pay a portion worth in advance for which product you take from the company or distributor. For instance, by paying half worth of a container you can get one container of goods from the company, you have to pay the second half worth after selling the goods and making your marginal profit.

How to get a dealership?

First of all, you have to select a particular product or service of a company that has a probability in your local market. Visit the local branch of the company if available in your location or visit the company’s website and get proper knowledge about the company and its policy. If the company’s business policy is convenient to you then step forward. is the best platform in Bangladesh to find all latest dealership opportunity.

Requirements of dealership business:

  • Trade license for your business.
  • Eligible bank account.
  • Self-farm, warehouse, and staff.
  • You have to register with the selected company from where you seek dealership.

Office profile.

  • The exact location of your office.
  • If there is a godown in the office and its capacity.
  • Estimate of your office staff.
  • Area description where you want to sell products.

Create an office profile consisting of the above-stipulated information and submit it to the company.

After having a green signal from the company you have to sign a bond with the desired company. Consciously read the paper before signing that all of your requirements are attached there.

Topics of contract paper.

  • Your preferable products and quantity.
  • Percentage of your given commission from the company.
  • Transportation process of products from the company to your godown.

Essential issues in a contract signing:

  • Visit the company industrial zone or godown, and be witness to which processing your preferred products are being manufactured. Make a conversation with other dealers of the same company or products.
  • Ensure the transportation system to delivers products to your godown.
  • Make sure who will appoint and pay the sales representative.
  • Who will be responsible for damaged or expired products?
  • Terms and conditions to expunge the contract, lest none can do it alone.


Study well the local market and the demand for your company and product, if you introduce a new company then you have to be patient to make money, Being overwhelmed by attractive advertisement don’t go to business. It would be wise to go to business with the proper knowledge.


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