40 Profitable Dealership Business Idea in Bangladesh

If you are confused about which dealership business would be profitable for you then this article absolutely helps you. Make money with the best ideas of dealership business.

There is a long story of every single brand, with a proper marking strategy and quality products and services a renowned brand has grabbed the market. If you start business with a quality product then one day it will be recognized as a popular brand at your hand.

Already we have told the procedure of a dealership business in our previous article, now presenting you the best dealership business ideas.

Soft drinks Business

Soft drink is an unparallel product for dealership business because there are multiple wings to grab the market easily. Nowadays soft drinks are popular among people of all classes. Companies have introduced three category soft drinks for consumers of different ages.

1. Juice: Kids like juice and sometimes patients take juice as a remedy of disease. It also meets the necessity of vitamins, minerals, and other nutritious substances for the old. Mirinda, Pran Frooto, Frutika, Fanta, and Acme juice are very popular in Bangladesh. Juice would be a better option to start dealership business.

2. Energy Drinks: Young folk consumes energy drinks on a large scale, more or less popular to all. Tiger, Speed, Red bull, Power, AP are very popular energy drinks in our country. Especially in summer, a huge profit comes from the market of energy drinks. So you can take energy drinks as your primary product of business.

3. Normal Soft Drinks (Cola): In summer consuming rate of soft drinks increases in huge number. Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Sprite, 7up, Mountain Dew, Rc cola, and others are very famous in the Bangladesh market. It is noticed that desire of soft drinks increasing rapidly so hopefully, you will make more profit if you start dealership business with soft drinks.

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4. Ice cream dealership

Being an ice cream dealer or distributor in your area you may business well because ice cream is a popular food for all. Polar, Igloo, Lovello, Za n Zee, Bloop, Savoy ect are well-known ice creams in Bangladesh. Get dealership of any well-known company out of them and properly fridge, by marketing you can make a well profit.

  1. Mineral Water

Generally, mineral water means the water comes from deep of ground or natural fountains, but after refinement, it serves to drink. Usually, during travel or in restaurants, we drink mineral water. In urban areas, it is the first and foremost drinking water for residences and corporate functions. Mineral water companies claim that every year their manufacturing if increasing than the previous year and in future, it will go on. So you take dealership of mineral water that might be profitable business. Mam, Kinley, Spa, Jibon, Fresh and Aquafina etc are the most popular mineral water in Bangladesh.

  1. Soybean & mustard oil

Soybean and mustard oil are a must in every kitchen in Bangladesh, in most Bengali recipes soybean or mustard oil is essential. So it has high demand in the market. If you become a dealer of a quality oil brand then you can grab the market soon. On the other hand, low-quality products will be the reason of your fall because none can compromise health issues.

  1. Spices

Spices industry is an age-old business in Indian subcontinent, and various spices of Bengal are famous all over the world. Spices industry comes through a great evolution. Nowadays all kinds of spices are available in packaging. Radhuni, Pran, BD food and others company manufacture all kinds of spices including, red chilly, turmeric, cumin, coriander, and mixed masala. So, it can be a probable business.

  1. Appetizing food like Chips, Chanachur & others

Chips and chana chur are a most favorite food for children but people of all ages like it most. Once, guests brought it to the children of relatives’ homes. From a village grocery to super shop these products are seen everywhere. Bombeysweets is a very popular company in Bangladesh, they manufacture chips and chana chur in various flavors such as potato chips, spices ring chips, Mr. Twist, Aloze, and spicy crispy chana chur. Bombay sweets is an age-old company in Bangladesh but Fresh, BD food, Ispanahi and others companies are also popular in Bangladesh. If you get dealership of any renowned company then there is no chance to be lost.

  1. Tea dealership

Tea is a popular drink in the world, there are numerous consumers in Bangladesh. From the roadside tea stall to five-star hotels tea is common and obvious. People of all classes and ages take tea in a large scale. There are lots of famous tea brands in Bangladesh and they provide tea to the consumer via different media. Ispahani Mirzapur, Seylon, Taza, Fresh are popular tea companies in Bangladesh. You can get a tea dealership at little money but if you can do proper marketing then you can earn more.

  1. Condensed Milk dealership.

Condensed milk is the best substitute to natural dairy, most of the tea stalls and dessert food are based on condensed milk. Denish, No 1, and Starship are available in the market for a long time. Because of the cheaper price than milk powder, it is the first choice for all. By properly distributing to the departmental stores of your area you can earn much.

  1. Baby food

Baby food is another better product for the dealership business, from local departmental stores to Super Shop everywhere you must see Nestle baby food like Lactogen, Cerelac, NAN, Dano, Red Cow, Fresh milk powder and other nutritions food like Horlicks, Complan, etc. As a dealer of this most essential food you can earn money because in your area it has a high demand.

  1. Automobile and accessories

Even a few years ago, famous car or bike company’s dealership was rare in Bangladesh but now Yamaha, Hero, TVS, Bajaj are appointing dealer throughout the country. If you wisely take out of them you cam make money. Choose a brand that has popularity in your region. If you start business with accessories of bikes or cars, you have a chance to profit more.

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  1. Engine Oil Dealership

There are several engine oil available in Bangladesh such as Mobil, Castrol, Shell, Total, Patonas, Pakelo, and others. It’s always a good idea to do some research and compare prices and services before choosing a dealership. After a  certain day car/motorcycle requires to change of engine oil. Dealership of engine oil would be a profitable business in your location. Consciously pick a brand that has high demand in your area, with better distribution you will profit more.

  1. Battery Dealership

Rahim Afroz Batteries Ltd, Aftab Automobiles Ltd, Walton Hi-tech Industries Ltd, Transcom Electonic Ltd, Volvo and others are prominent battery manufacturing companies in Bangladesh. Often they publish circulars for dealerships. Batteries meet multi-purpose necessities such as automobiles, IPS, Solar energy, etc. Battery would be the best option for the dealership business. We recommend to rehearse and compare the options to find the best deal and product which is convenient for you.

  1. Tires Dealership

In last few decades, number of two-wheeler, four-wheeler and three-wheeler vehicles has risen tremendously, alongside various businesses that have grown related to automobiles. Tyre is one of the mandatory accessories of any vehicle, after a certain period it needs to change. A long-lasting quality tyre gets extra priority at tire changing. Tourino Tire, Gazi Tire, Hossin Tire, Apollo Tire, Ceat Tire, MRF Tire, Dunlop Tire so on are the most popular tire in Bangladesh, but in all cities and villages, they are not available. As a dealer of these popular tire you can make more profit. But we suggest to shop around to compare pricing and quality.

  1. Aggro-Products 

Fertilizers, seeds, insecticides, and cultivation tools are very profitable dealership businesses in rural areas because as an agricultural-based country, there is high demand for aggro-products in village areas. On the other hand in villages, there are fewer competitors in this business. If you can invest money and execute business properly then you can grab a monopoly market.

  1. Agricultural Machinery Dealership

We have to admit that modern technology has been adapted in the agricultural sector. Farmers need many machines to reduce their labor, in the village area, there are huge demand for agricultural machines like tractors, submersibles, crop cutting, and processing machines. ACI Machines is the best example for this business, being a dealer of ACI Machines you can earn large money.

  1. Furniture

Furniture is the crying need of all, none can go without a chair, table, couch, sofa, almirah, showcase, etc. Besides wooden furniture, there is also steel and plastic furniture available in the market. You can take dealership of a specific category of furniture that has demand in your business location. RFL, Bengel plastic furniture is cheaper than wooden and steel furnitures.

  1. Papers and stationery 

If you want to start a dealership business in a small capital then papers and stationery item is best for you, because it has high demand both town and village. In study, it is mentioned that 55% of total population is student and they need papers and other, in the office and other business sector stationary items essential. Matador stationary, French papers and Bansundhars papers are very popular in Bangladesh. You have an opportunity to profit much from this sector.

  1. Books

As a books seller, you can earn money more easily than other businesses. If you come to a contract with famous publications and sell their books in your local market you can profit. Because school, college, madrasah and university students need textbooks, guides and supplements, and test papers. Moreover, other fictional books and thesis books meet more profit. So, you should sell more profitable books. As a dealer of prominent publication you can earn more money within a very short time.

  1. Toiletries goods.

Soap, shampoo, hair oil,  lotion, toothpaste, facewash, handwash and others are the most essential products of our daily life. None can go a single day without these toiletry items. Square Toiletries Ltd, Unilever Bangladesh, Kohinoor Chemical, and Kaya Comsmatics l are the leading companies in Bangladesh. These companies feature more than hundred products and every single product has high demand in the local market. Get dealership of these companies or a specific product you will be flooded with huge profits.

  1. Home Appliances

In every house few electronic home appliances are must be seen. Lights, fans, washing machines, refrigerators, tv, music player,  micro oven and other home appliance are demanding products, consumers are increasing rapidly. Wanton Electronic, SInger, LG, Sony, Vision, Samsung, Myone and other companies appoint dealers so, if you have enough capital then you can start business that will endow you with huge profits.

  1. Mobile Phone

In the last two decades, mobile phone users have grown at a geometric rate in Bangladesh, a single person uses an average of two phones. At present Android phone is very popular and the companies compete to increase their business. Apple, One Plus, Samsung, Nokia, Oppo, Vivo, Realme, Xaomi, Walton, Tecno, and Symponey are introducing new features phones one after another. People always change their phones to be updated. If you get a popular phone company dealership then you can make more money in a short time.

  1. Mobile Acessories 

Mobile accessories like headphones, earbuds, neckbands, TWS, charges, USB ports, mobile gaming gadgets, mobile back covers, glass protectors and others would be excellent products for business. It has a gigantic space to business, these accessories have high demand because mobile phone users are not small. Become a local distributor of mobile accessories in your local area and make more money.

  1. Camera and Lens

Once professional cameras used by professionals like filmmakers, news reporters, photographers and sports journalists, but nowadays cameras are seen to use by many people. Most of us purches cameras to make youtube videos and for personal reasons. So, there is large numbers of camera users and they need lens and an updated camera. In a district town, you can start a camera dealership business. Sony, Canon, GoPro, Nixon, Fujifilm, Panasonic and others are very popular brands in Bangladesh.

  1. Computer Hardware

Currently, computers and laptops demand is raising at a noticeable rate, meanwhile computer accessories demand is also increasing at the same rate. Memory cards, hard dick, RAM, SSD, flash discs, motherboards, SMPS, computer hardware, monitors, input devices, keyboard, and mouse are running products in computer market. So, if you start business with these parts and accessories then you will profit.

  1. Building & Construction items

Housing and construction always going on except during the rainy season. In construction sites, bricks, cement, steel, sand and other raw materials need in huge quantities. In future, construction sector will be extended so, here is a space for business. Besides raw materials construction tools are also highly demanding items. Get a dealership of any construction items and make more money.

  1. Ayurvedic health products

Ayurvedic is a primitive medical treatment of mankind, even in modern days ayurvedic is a reliable measure of our health. If you invest a little money in the ayurvedic business then you can make money in a short time. There are so many useful ayurvedic health products in the marketplace, find good products and get dealerships

  1. Leather products

Leather products are very useful and popular in Bangladesh, most of us use leather shoes, bags, belts, wallets, and purse bags. But quality leather goods are rare in the market. Bay Tanneries Ltd, Dhaka Leather Ltd, and Asian Leather Complex are renowned leather industries in Bangladesh. If you get a famous leather company’s dealership then you can profit. You must provide 100% authentic leather products.

  1. Tobacco or cigarettes 

Cigarette is fast-consuming products, a chain smoker consumes 1 to 2 packets of cigarettes in a day. Although smoke is harmful for health, smokers are increasing at a large scale. To discourage smoking, the government increases the price of tobacco products every year. If you can store cigarettes more then profit after increasing the price in the annual budget. So cigarette dealerships would be highly profitable businesses.

  1. Shoe dealership

World’s best footwear brands Loto, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Bata, Jordan, etc are available in Bangladesh. Fashion-aware people like brands of shoes but these famous brands are not available in all cities and sub-town. If you take a popular brand’s dealership in your location then you have a chance to grab the market easily. The marginal price of these brands is comparatively higher so you can earn money being a dealer of these prominent brands.

  1. Plastic products dealership

Nowadays plastic has become an alternative to wood, steel, and others. We use plastic as furniture and kitchen appliances. Plastic products are chipper, durable and convenient, sometimes plastic companies offer 6 month to 1-year guarantee to encourage customers to use their products. RFL, Bengal, Taj, Tel, Akij plastic, Gazi are famous plastics companies and they appoint dealers to enlarge their business. As a dealer of any well-known company, you can profit.

  1. Sanitary equipment

Sanitary equipment is a profitable item for dealership business because sanitary items like water tanks, PVC pipes, fittings, taps, showers, pens, high commode, basing, floor tiles, etc have a high demand in both village and town markets on the other hand sanitary business has less competitors in the local market. RFL, Gazi, Shine, Sera, and Madina are popular brands in this sector. If you wisely choose any brands that have huge demand in your area then you will profit a good amount in a few days.

  1. LPG gas dealership

LPG gas is the best substitute of natural gas, due to lack of natural resources Titas gas has temporarily postponed a new gas connection to the residential area. On the other hand, the rising price of electricity, people have converted to LPG or cylinder gas for cooking. Bashundhara LPG, Omera, Fresh, Meghna and other anonymous LPG gas providers have grabbed the local market in Bangladesh. So, you can easily become a dealer in your local area and profit much.

  1. Health & Beauty products.

You can start a business as a dealer of health and beauty products at a low investment. Health and beauty products are always at the peak of the priority of any health and beauty-conscious person, various products such as medicine, cosmetics, renowned brands products, and personal care products would be the best choice for a dealership business. These types of products cause high profits.

  1. Outfit (Cloth) Franchise.

Garments and clothing businesses traditionally operated for a long time, it is the easiest and convenient way but few clothing brands such as Sara Lifestyle, Easy Fashion, Sailor, Richman, Bay, Cat’s Eye, Arong,Raymond etc have grown up in Bangladesh. These are favorites of specific classes of people. Although you can see many outlets in Dhaka, rare in other cities. Get franchises of any clothing brand whose rules and regulations are affordable to you. Here is a wide space for business.

  1. Frozen Food Franchise

Frozen food has become increasingly popular in Bangladesh over the last decade. with the growing number of people choosing to buy and consume frozen food because of urbanization. Frozen food products in Bangladesh typically include meat, seafood and ready-to-eat meals, most of these imported from China, Thailand and India. Kazifarms kitchen, Bengal Meat, Golden Harvest, McCain Food, Paragon Agro etc are renowned frozen food companies in Bangladesh. Having a franchise of frozen food you start business in your area.

  1. Laundry & Dry Cleaning Franchise

Investing in laundry & dry cleaning franchises can be a profitable business opportunity, as there is a growing demand for high-quality laundry services in our country. You must see in every residential area any outlet of Bondbox, Calcutta dry wash, Top Cleaning they provide several services like laundromat, dry cleaning, ironing even sometimes home delivery service is provided. These companies are available for entrepreneurs who are interested in this industry.

  1. Fitness & Sportswear Franchise

After COVID 19 people become more conscious of health and fitness. Exercise equipment, sportswear, and supplement foods are necessary for fitness purposes. You can open a gymnasium in your location and having fitness equipment and sportswear franchises you can profit much. In this business, you have to appoint a qualified instructor to provide proper health instruction to clients.

Conclusion: We have sorted out many dealership businesses but it is admitted that success in any business depends on the market value of products, men’s power, proper marketing, and good communication. Good capital is mandatory for business meanwhile proper execution is more essential. Aseptic products are always profitable for the dealership business.


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