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Yoyoso Bangladesh (Franchise)
Yoyoso Bangladesh (Franchise)
Yoyoso Bangladesh (Franchise)
Yoyoso Bangladesh (Franchise)
Yoyoso Bangladesh (Franchise)
Yoyoso Bangladesh (Franchise)

Join our awesome team

The original aspiration and mission of YOYOSO is “to help millions of people realize their dreams of starting their own businesses.”

At YOYOSO, we offer the mass market with affordable, fashionable and trendy daily life products that are excellent in terms of functionality, quality, design, and value, and uphold the philosophy of sustainable development.

With more than a decade of experience in retail operations and in the management of fashionable leisure department store chains, we are now a world-famous fast-fashion leisure department store brand. We welcome individuals or enterprises from Bangladesh to join us as our brand partners.

Features we provide to the clients:

Secure Investment

Investment was never this secure before. Our expert team will provide lowest risk plan for your investment.

Business Plan

We offer a great plan for growing your business to strive with YOYOSO Bangladesh.

Location Selection

Our team of experts will analyze all locations to ensure good sales & footfall.


Complete assistance from our expert team-from choosing location to the opening of store.

Effective Marketing

Nationwide effective marketing and promotions though social media, print media and many more.

Expert Team

A team driven to development, improvement, quality, market analyzing, market forecasting.

Why Choose Us?

YOYOSO learns from nature, pursues high quality and pays attention to the protection of natural resources and the environment, efficiently making the products closer to nature and our lives with their exquisite, fresh and well-designed characteristics.

  • High profit margins
  • Low security deposits
  • System oriented management system for full transparency
  • Expert team to do all your work
  • New popular commodities coming every week
  • Exciting offers and deals to boost your sales
  • Full assistance 24/7
  • Full audit support from third party

Contact us for more details.


  • Category : Clothing and Apparel
  • Products : Yoyoso fashion & beauty products
  • Investment Required : 10 lac - 20 lac BDT

প্রফিটেবল ডিলারশীপ খুঁজছেন?

উপরে ক্লিক করে ফর্মটি পূরণ করুন যাতে আপনার নির্ধারিত স্থানের জন্য প্রফিটেবল ফ্রাঞ্চাইজি/ডিলারশীপের সুযোগ থাকলে আমরা জানাতে পারি।