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S@ifur’s (Franchise)
S@ifur’s (Franchise)
S@ifur’s (Franchise)
S@ifur’s (Franchise)

S@ifur’s offers expertise and has a proven track record of a successful business model. We are offering Franchisee to interested people /institution/society /Trust/Company all over Bangladesh, Who are willing to set up their own training and education business and are ready to take up all the challenges. An Excellent Business opportunity for deserving professionals with adequate capital to grow with the top education brand in the country . New franchises will be developed while the existing systems will continue to grow.

S@ifur’s Programs

  1. IELTS Regular
  2. IELTS Premium
  3. IELTS Solution
  4. IELTS HSC Batch
  5. IELTS Crash Batch
  6. IELTS Mock Test
  7. Spoken Regular
  8. Spoken Premium
  9. Spoken Solution
  10. Phonetics
  11. Writing Regular
  12. Writing Premium
  13. Writing Solution
  14. Language Solution
  15. Dynamic Kids
  16. Dynamic Junior
  17. Dynamic Woman
  18. Varsity Admission ( A Unit)
  19. Varsity Admission ( A + D Unit)
  20. Varsity Admission ( B Unit)
  21. Varsity Admission ( B + D Unit)
  22. Varsity Admission C Unit
  23. Varsity Admission ( C + D Unit)
  24. TEENZ English
  25. HSC English Foundation
  26. HSC Computer Course
  27. HSC English + Computer ( Full Course )
  28. ROBBO
  29. Primary School Assistant Teachers’ recruitment course
  30. Teachers’ Registration Preparation Course
  31. JOB preparation course
  32. MBA Admission Program
  33. BCS Preliminary
  34. BCS Written
  35. BCS Viva

Easy steps to open S@ifur’s Franchisee

We provide you with a complete roadmap to success, from start to finish: Everything you need to create, operate, develop and make your business successful.

  • Step I – Submission of the Application
  • Step II – Approval Processing
  • Step III – Agreement
  • Step IV – Training
  • Step V – Operational Management and Marketing Support

Eligibility Criteria for S@ifur’s Franchisee

  • A minimum investment capability of 10 lacs for district level centers.
  • For Divisional cities, the minimum investment capability is 15 lacs.
  • You should have a minimum of 1500-sq. ft. Space in a suitable location (owned or rented.)
  • You should have 5 years of experience in operating any business or at least 5 years of teaching experience.
  • Police clearance certificate showing no past criminal record.

Fill up this form to apply for franchise: Click Here


  • Category : Education
  • Investment Required : 10 lac - 20 lac BDT
  • Products : Education Training

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