Health Pharma Offering Franchise (Start Pharmacy Business)
Health Pharma (Franchise)

Become a Franchise

Health Pharma has provided franchise pharmacy with a competitive advantage.

Our objective is to give you the optimal mix of entrepreneurial opportunity, operations support and financial potential while empowering you to focus your attention on enabling better patient health for life. We continually push forward to provide you with market-leading pharmacy programs, marketing plans, operational tools and niche services aimed at strengthening the relationship between you and your patient.


  1. New pharmacy start up
  2. Demographic studies
  3. Financial planning
  4. Site selection
  5. Pharmacy build out or relocation


  1. Franchisee training
  2. Business analysis and review
  3. Strategic, tactical and financial planning
  4. Product management
  5. Pricing and profit management
  6. Store information Portal
  7. Private Label Program
  8. Deliver logistics

Pharmacy POS with 30,000 brand name.


  1. Formulary program
  2. Niche services
  3. Government and professional affairs
  4. Education programs
  5. National owners conference
  6. Buying & Training conference
  7. Free clinic
  8. Student recruitment


  1. National brand awareness
  2. Customizable local Store marketing
  3. Digital and social media marketing
  4. In-store advertising
  5. Rewards program
  6. Health and wellness events
  7. Direct marketing

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  • Category : Pharmaceuticals
  • Products : Medicine
  • Investment Required : 10 lac - 20 lac BDT

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